Who we are

we are Stefano, Dino e Marina, your local friends
and it is a honor to introduce you Ciao Bella by Horizon, our company, leader in tourism in Riomaggiore, on of the 5 villages of Cinque Terre in the wonderful Ligurian Riviera. Our project was born from the union of our skills. Despite our very different previous work experiences, we met in our common passion for hospitality and we take it seriously and with care, aware that the destination of a journey is not just a place but an experience of happiness to be lived now and remembered forever.

Ciao I am Stefano, your host

I live in Riomaggiore, a unique and special place that gives me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from all over the world every year. I developed strong friendships with many of them and this is how my passion for hospitality was born. I always like meeting new people, listening to the stories of their countries and their travels and pampering them with many attentions. At the same time I love sharing my time with them and the story of Cinque Terre, this unique place in the world that I would like you to known through my eyes.

Ciao, I am Dino and I plan your boat tour

I spent the best moments of my life in Riomaggiore and I know everything about the sea of Cinque Terre sea and the Gulf of Poets. For many years I lived in Genoa where, together with my family, I managed several wine and spirits stores, one of my main passions. But the crystal clear waters of these places have left an indelible mark on me and so I decided to come back. It will be a great pleasure for me to explore every corner of this territory in an exclusive way, including blue caves, unique landing places and landscapes rich in tradition and culture.

Ciao, I am Marina, your booking manager

I live in Rome, where I was born but despite this I spend most of my time in Cinque Terre, a place that I discovered when I grew up and which I can no longer give up. I am the person who will take care of you from the moment of your booking. I will give you all the useful information so that you can reach your destination and I will manage every aspect of your journey. It will be an immense pleasure for me to introduce you to a holiday where you will feel at the center of every attention!

We look forward to your visit!

Stefano, Dino, Marina