Itineraries and unmissable point of interest in Cinque Terre

If you ask us “What do you recommend we visit in the Cinque Terre?” we could talk for hours. The territory is so full of destinations, paths, landscapes, villages, that it would take an entire summer to get to know them. What we can do is give a small taste of the thousand things that you could visit on foot and we sincerely thank Visit Cinque Terre that perfectly knows the area and surroundings, for having selected the top places:

Ad essi ci sentiamo di aggiungere Monesteroli come nostra meta del cuore, ma solo per i più audaci e spericolati. Con i suoi 2.000 scalini vi condurrà in Paradiso! Ecco l’itinerario suggerito da In viaggio col mulo che di certo non soffre di vertigini!